Worlds First Hybrid Electric Bike


  • No chains, No chainsets, No cassettes, No belts, No driveshafts


  • More efficient - Your pedalling charges the battery which drives the motor



  • Gets you from A to B quickly and effortlessly


HMI Colour LCD display

  • Human Machine Interface 2.4” colour display with control buttons
  • Displays Speed , Battery level, Calories burned, How far you have travelled
  • Mode display and machine diagnostics


Smart Controls

  • Bike travels at speeds up to 25kmh (15.5mph)
  • Travels up to 60km (37.5 miles) on a single charge
  • 4.5 hrs battery recharge time from empty (2.5hrs with rapid charger)
  • Throttle control
  • Automatic gear changes to adapt to hills and terrain


Smart Modes


  • Auto – Eco – Normal – Sporty - Health
  • Pedalling modes – Soft, Normal, Hard



  • Remove the HMI display, put it in your pocket and the bike is disabled so no one can ride it away.
  • HMI display is uniquely coded to each bike. No other control display will work with your bike.



Series Hybrid System

20” alloy wheels with quick release

Disk brakes

250W motor

Lithium-Ion battery 36v/8.2Ah

Aluminium alloy frame and fork with mono-blades

Suspension seatpost