The first high-quality tyre that functioned reliably in both everyday use and touring. With these characteristics it fast became Europes most ridden tyre and it still is, even today. In the latest version with KevlarGuard and Allround Compound it inexorably achieves everything expected of a Marathon: Effective puncture protection, durability and excellent handling characteristics.

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Size:ETRTO 40-406 (20 x 1.50 Inch) Typ:Wired Compound:Endurance Execution:GreenGuard Color:Black-Reflex Skin:Twin Weight:530 g (19 oz) Pressure:4.00 - 7.00 Bar (55 - 100 psi) Maximum load:80 kg EPI:67 Profil:HS420 Article number:11100148 EAN:4026495627696 Tube:6, 7, 6A The Original - The archetypal high quality touring tire. Now completely revised: GreenGuard - The highly elastic, India rubber layer is 3mm thick. Other manufacturers call such a tire "Plus". However, Green is not just the colour, but also the philosophy: One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. "Anti-Aging" - The completely new sidewall construction can withstand for much longer the typical cracking resulting from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure. Also the new Endurance Compound substantially increases durability. E-Bike Ready - The new Marathon has been designed for use on all types of E-Bikes. The following sizes bear the ECE75 mark, suitable for use on faster, up to 50kph, E-Bikes. LEVEL 5 GREENGUARD Same principle as the SmartGuard, but only about 3 mm thick. One-third of the highly elastic India rubber is made up of recycled latex products. RECYCLING Old products made of natural rubber (such as gloves, tubes...) are crumbed and, over several procedural steps, used as base material in the puncture protection system. E-BIKE READY 25 In standard pedelecs that have motor assist up to 25 km/h, there is no legal requirement for a special tire. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are higher than in regular bikes, therefore we recommend only certain tires as “E-Bike Ready 25”. EBIKE READY 50 Special tires are necessary for fast E-bikes. The best solution is tires with ECE-R75 certification, valid throughout Europe. PERFORMANCE LINE Excellent quality for intensive use. These are the best value for money tires.