A successful fusion of a cargo bike and a folding bike, a "modular separable tricycle"

Kiffy is an innovative project born in France from the need to use a unique vehicle for different uses, both everyday and professional uses included. Kiffy bike combines a rear wheel to two front wheels, that are connected by a L structure, that's extremely useful for transporting bulky items such as packages and boxes. This structure makes Kiffy a real cargo bike, easy to maneuver and just as easy to park. As foldable bike, Kiffy has a light aluminum frame that can be separated with ease into two completely independent sections: the front section can be used to easily transport shopping or any other package.

Many cargo bikes are too wide for bike lanes, don't fit on public transport or in the trunk of a car, and require secure, off-street storage space.

But not the Kiffy - Its a game changer.

Kiffy's not bulky, sitting in a folded footprint of just 0.3m² (57cm wide x 53cm deep), its wheelbase is just the width of the handlebars - but is easy to steer and tricycle-stable even on uneven and slanted ground due to the "Swing System" suspension, which allows the front wheels to lean independently, and creates bicycle-like handling. Some say it feels like skiing on a bike.

The Kiffy Flash splits in half.Taking the Kiffy apart takes about 10 seconds and three simple movements. The two-wheeled front half becomes a dolly-like shopping cart, easily manoeuverable through markets and over sidewalks. It is pushed with the handlebars, and has a kickstand at the front that allows it to stand on its own. The back half can be left chained to a bike rack (of no use to a thief) until the deliveries, shopping or general hauling is over, when it reconnects for the ride back to base.

For storage, the back half drops into a small shelf between the two front wheels, and two small auxiliary wheels help create a stable and nimble package that can roll into the corner of an apartment or garage.

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The trike weighs just over 13Kg, but can carry as much as 30Kg in its cargo area. Hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels and a back pedalling brake ensure that such loads do not compromise stopping power. Smaller wheels make it a little shorter nose-to-tail than most commuter bikes, at only 145cm. The trike is equipped with chain drive, with a two-speed rear hub.

 18 inches
 Front brakes
 hydraulic brakes disc with distributor
 Rear Brakes
 retro appeal
 Belt or chain
 1 or 2-speed integral rear hub gears
 Fix Version 1 speed : 12 kg, Flash 2 speeds version: 13 kg
 Dimensions folded
 53 cm x 57 cm - footprint of 0,30 m2 

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