Original 1967 Vintage Detto Pietro Bicycle Leather Crash Hat Helmet Size 60


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This crash helmet bares a valuable long life story starting from 1967.

The story starts in 1967 when the catalogue was distributed, a global brand at the time. One customer all the way from Australia demanded the genuine leather crash helmet having seen it in the catalogue and in addition he ordered some brake blocks. The man in Australia had claimed that he never got the goods and the refund had to be made by Evian, brand owners of Le Derailleur Simplex. The hand made Italian leather crash hat and brake blocks found its way back to London, UK. It later emerged that the warehouseman had made a mistake with the address. Rather than confessing the warehouseman hid the parcel under very heavy metal shelving where nobody could find it, never to be seen again until the 23rd May, 2017. Today it has been discovered as we change the metal shelving units. The packet is as you see in the images and the catalogue was also found in a separate folder of which you will receive.
Written on the side of the helmet is "Detto Pietro Evian" and "60", which we believe to be the size.
We would like to let you know that we do not recommend using any items provided to you and that it is used as memorabilia only.
I can confirm you will receive:
x4 individual brake blocks from the original packet in mint condition.
x1 Genuine Leather Detto Pietro Evian Crash Helmet in black in mint condition.
x1 Original packaging in mint condition.
x1 Original catalogue 1967 in mint condition.